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Fermented Cacao Beans

Fermented Cacao BeansMalagos Farmhouse, through Puentespina Farms, produces its cacao beans from its 24-hectare farm situated in Malagos District, Davao City, Philippines. We also source beans from other cacao growers in the area within a 10-kilometer radius of the farm. Total dried beans presently available from the vicinity are conservatively estimated at 2,300 tons a year. Even more bean production is projected as the rehabilitation of existing farms is completed and the newly developed farms start to be productive. To ensure bean quality, all beans are fermented, solar-dried, then sorted and graded based on internationally-accepted standards. Fermentation enhances the aroma and flavor of the chocolate made from the beans. There is no chocolate without fermentation. Solar-drying in enclosed dryers ensures that the beans are not contaminated by undesirable odors and keeps the beans free from dirt and other debris.