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Mongolia on my Mind

Mongolia on my Mind…

I was fascinated with the thought of fermented mare milk for a national beverage. But that was not the reason I went to Mongolia last May. I was one of the two Filipino delegates nominated to attend a workshop on Total Productivity Maintenance sponsored by the Asian Productivity Organization. Twenty four delegates from 14 countries presented and learned from Japanese and Korean speakers as well as from the experiences of the other delegates.
It was a week of intensive lectures, field trips and actual evaluation of Mongolian corporation doing TPM. It was so mind blowing for me since I was new to many of the concepts although I was already familiar with some practices as Malagos Farmhouse cheeses were applying GMP.
The workshop crystalized my resolve to slowly adopt some concepts and fully integrate TPM in the near future. For small and medium enterprise (SME) like ours, this is plausible as we cannot afford to lose a days’ production, be wasteful in our meager resources nor compromise our quality due to inefficiency. Empowering my team and educating them on a regular basis also translate to better self-worth and being more productive. Happy team=excellent product. Learning TPM has made me look at profitability on a different way.
While in Mongolia, I did not let the opportunity pass to check out the dairy products in the supermarket shelf. We were brought to their national mall and were happy to discover local fresh butter as well as products from Russia. The cheeses were not as popular nor extensive in variety but there were local products as well. It would have been nice to see how farmers raise their animals considering the nomadic lifestyle but it was not part of this trip. Maybe next time.