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Tableya - Native Chocolate

Our chocolate tableyas are excellent for making full-bodied, antioxidant-rich drinks not only for breakfast but for any time of the day as well.

Pure Native ChocolateThese are suitable too for use in baking recipes that require only the best in chocolate ingredients.

Our tableyas are hygienically molded from pure chocolate liquor (thick, liquid chocolate paste) ground from our roasted fermented beans, and vacuum-sealed in food-grade plastic envelopes.

We do not alkalize (or Dutch) our chocolate liquor (which will artificially darken the color and produce a richer taste) as this process will materially diminish the antioxidant content of any cacao product.

Unlike powdered cocoa used to make chocolate drinks, our tableyas have nothing removed from them, and nothing added to them. Our chocolate tableyas, being pure cocoa, cannot be powdered as pure cocoa resists being transformed into powder. They are real, dark chocolate in their raw, untreated, and healthily beneficial form. Just dissolve the tableyas thoroughly in boiling water, add your own sweetener and milk, stir and mix well, and you have your thick, frothy aNutritional Facts of our Tableya productnd antioxidant-rich cocoa drink.

High grade or pure, unadulterated chocolate does not raise the bodys LDL or low density lipoprotein (the so-called bad cholesterol). With all its cocoa butter intact, it is in fact rich in palmitic, stearic and oleic acids which are all heart-friendly fats.

For as long as your cocoa is dark chocolate, you can be assured that it has the antioxidants that can reduce cancer risks and heart disease.

A publication by the U.S. Deparment of Agriculture compares the antioxidant content of dark chocolate with those of other well-known antioxidant-rich foods.

Download list of Top Antioxidant Bearing Foods (PDF)

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