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Blue Goat Cheese

BGC 15

Fresh Goat’s Milk is pasteurized and soured using cheese starter to make this blue mold cheese. The ferment is added to the milk and allowed to sour prior to addition of a small amount of rennet. No pressing is done as the curd mats at ladling, expressing whey through the holes in the moulds. Aging and drying is done for 30 to 45 days when blue mold develops in and on the rind of the Goat cheese. Affinage of 30-60 days.

Available in 180g retail vacuum packed wedge, 700-900g whole wheel (5-7” in diameter) and 2.5-3 kilos whole wheel (around 8 inches or larger diameter; requires special 3 month advance order)

Expiry Guide: 9 months