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Chevre Omelet

Do you know that Chevre is so versatile, you can enjoy it in so many ways. It is good as it is, but to mix it with roasted garlic creates a very earthy wonderful flavored cheese. It can also be mixed with fresh herbs or pepper flakes. But one of my favorites is serving it with our Malagos Bignay jam for my morning pandesal.

Here’s a tested recipe, Chevre Omelet…

3 whole large eggs, slightly beaten
100 grams or more of Malagos Farmhouse Chevre
2 cloves of garlic, turned to paste with ¼ teaspoon rock salt
2 ripe tomatoes, sliced thin
¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes
¼ teaspoon green pepper corn (fresh or in brine)
½ teaspoon butter

Heat pan and put butter, when melted sauté garlic paste. When slightly browned, add pepper flakes and pepper corns. Stir around 2 minutes and add tomatoes. Cook until limp and aromatic. Crumble the chevre in the beaten eggs and pour in the cooking tomatoes. Mix lightly to blend all ingredients together. Decrease heat and cover for 2-3 minutes or until almost set. Serve at once with sliced country bread.