Legacy House

“our history. our mission, our vision. our commitment to quality. all about Malagos Farmhouse, all about us.”

Rendition of The Legacy House, by Wilford AlmoroWelcome to our Hearth

Malagos Food, Inc., a Filipino corporation, holds office in Davao City. It envisions to provide the Philippine market with prime products harvested from the fertile land of Mindanao and processed using time tested procedures with loving care and great passion.

Primarily a food processor specializing in artisan cheeses, we use raw materials from the family farm in Barangay Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City, hence the name.  Barangay Malagos, Baguio District in Davao City is also known for its dairy farming. Its lush vegetation, cool weather and fertile soil make it an ideal enclave for dairying. Our milk comes from over 200 dairy goats and 22 dairy cows the farm keep.

Although we are more known for our goat milk cheeses, we also have in our product line, cheeses made from cow’s milk. Our most sought after product is the Blue Goat Cheese and Feta which is used by the Philippines flag carrier in its’ international and regional business class flights.

We also process fresh goat cheese, chevre, goat milk mozzarella, whole milk ricotta, pecorino, blue peppato and coming out soon, the Blush. It’s a semi soft cheese made from cow’s milk and aged with both white and blue mold.

Although hand-made cheeses are our specialty, we have other processed products like Feta in Olive Oil, Feta Stuffed Peppers, Pesto and bottled mushrooms.

Our premium virgin coconut is processed only from our more than 1,000 coconut trees while the native tableya (Philippine native chocolate) comes from our own small plantation of cacao trees. Gaining popularity among the local market is our Malagos Fruit Wine. This is a dessert wine which comes from Bignay (Antidesma bonius) trees planted all over the family owned Malagos Garden Resort.

Farming is tightly woven into the fabric of our family. We are proud farmers and would want to share our products to a greater market base. But we also encourage other farmers to embrace improved farming techniques and come up with excellent milk that we can eventually help process. We want to start a tradition of churning good quality cheeses from local milk producers as well. Majority of the products still come from our farms, tended with loving care, from our land to your hearth.

Malagos Farmhouse, the brand name of Malagos Food, Inc. wishes to convey the spirit with which we nurture our products. “Farmhouse” evoke the simplicity of rural life the corporation embraces. Often handmade and using relatively small scale farmhouse batches, our products are carefully nurtured every step of the way. We proudly produce products of high quality in limited quantity.

Cheese is as old as time itself. Although we are not a cheese-making country, the world has become “borderless” in the advent of the age of telecommunications. Our small global village encourages exchange of influences in food as much as any other discipline.

The Malagos Food, Inc. dream of being the leader in the field of artisan cheese production in the Philippines, propelled with dedication, artistry and innovation.