Welcome to our Hearth

Family HouseOur family house in Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City has always been open to friends and associates. In this house, over extended lunches, we have entertained great thinkers, food lovers, and people from all walks of life. Here you will hear a lively exchange of great ideas and arguments being settled, all with respect and in the name of good, clean fun.

That has always been the dynamics of our family. We nurture each other, we look after each other’s interests and respect each other’s ideas. Through the years — from the birth of each child, each grandchild; the businesses built ; and the victories gained whether big or small, that each family member celebrates, have led us to grow, bloom, and bear fruit.

We are farmers at heart, and we are good at it. Our businesses revolve around farms and its requirements. The first business of the family is a water drilling company. We built most of the wells of agricultural plantations and public water systems in Mindanao. We also service and maintain the numerous wells we have dug. Our success in the drilling business built our greenhouses.

Moreover, we grow cut flowers, cacao, vegetables and operate a tissue culture laboratory. We also make our own organic fertilizer. Aside from horticulture, we raise farm animals and produce milk & cheeses. As part of our social responsibility, we conduct “edutainment” show that teaches kids, big and small, to love and respect the environment. In addition, we provide home to abandoned and unwanted birds that need rehabilitation and care. Last but not the least, our Malagos Garden Resort, operates a hotel where weary guest can relax, enjoy and commune with nature.

It has always been our love for the earth that drew us together. We hold with great respect, all the life that springs forth from the earth. All the animals and plants that we raise and grow are given utmost care; and the products that have come forth are well thought of, well researched and thoroughly “family tested” before we offer them to the market. We take criticism constructively and we use them to further improve our products.

Our children are raised in this fertile environment. We hope they will grow up responsible, caring and righteous citizens of the world. For it is for them that we persevere… pursue … and conquer…

Welcome to our hearth….